I'm New

NEW TO HARVEST? Get to know us!

I’m new, what does Harvest Church have to offer me?

Harvest church is brimming with opportunities. Here are a few:


Weekly worship services on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. These services focus on fellowship with other Christians, worship music, a free-will offering, a teaching from God’s Word and prayer. The Sunday service features specially tailored ministry for kids of all ages, including, Bible lessons, praise music, crafts, games, and snacks.


During the week, Harvest church frequently has special meetings for men and women separately that usually involve food, fellowship, encouragement from God’s Word, and prayer. 

Harvest church offers special meetings for teens on Sunday afternoons at 12:00 p.m., twice a month. These are dynamic meetings that are packed with fun activities and include practical, applicable lessons from God’s Word. The youth group often engages in special outings such as tubing, bowling, rafting, etc.

What do I need to do during a Sunday worship service?

First, just come. We’ll take it from there. Harvest has a friendly team of ushers that will greet you at the door, help you find a comfortable seat, and answer any questions.


You don’t need any “special” knowledge or clothing to come to a worship service. Just come as you are.


Harvest’s worship services are pretty simple.


  • You can expect someone to open the service with a greeting and a short prayer.


  • After that, there is usually a time of singing worship songs with the church’s music group leading. During this time of singing, you may stand or sit, it’s up to you. The words to the songs are displayed on two large screens, so you can sing along if you like.


  • Following the singing, someone will make a few church-related announcements and then encourage attendees to give their tithes (10% of income) or offerings (gifts of any size) to support the church and its outreaches. There is no obligation to give — you are free to give or not.


  • Finally, someone, usually the pastor or other church leader will share a message from God’s Word that you can apply in everyday life. Often the speaker will close the sermon with a prayer. On certain occasions this prayer might include prayer for people in the room.


  • After the worship service, we welcome you to stay and talk to others. We are thrilled that you came, and we would like to get to know you better.

I’m new to Harvest but am a long-time Christian, what does Harvest Church believe?

We have a whole page that details the main beliefs of Harvest church. In short, though we do not belong to a particular denomination, we are a Bible-believing, Spirit-filled community of believers in Jesus Christ. We invite you to attend a few services, so you can hear our beliefs and see them in practice.   

I’m new to Harvest but am a long-time Christian are there any opportunities for me to serve in the church?

Yes, there are lots of opportunities for you to serve, such as serving in the kid’s ministry, youth ministry, worship ministry, men’s or women’s ministries, hospitality ministry, prayer ministry, etc. However, before you start serving, we believe it is important for you to relax and get accustomed to your new surroundings. You need time to get acquainted with us and we with you. In time, if you decide to attend Harvest as a dedicated member of the church, then we would love to have you serve in the church.